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Tania Christina


Tania Christina

De combinatie kunst, cultuur en onderwijs vormt een rode draad in het leven van pedagoog en sociaal-onderneemster Tania Christina Monteiro.

In 2022 heeft Tania de opleiding Regie aan de Toneelacademie Maastricht afgerond. Als actrice en theatermaker laat zich graag inspireren door persoonlijke verborgen verhalen, mythologie en haar eigen familiegeschiedenis.

Bekijk hier een overzicht met projecten waarbij ik was betrokken.

The combination of art, culture and education is a common thread in the life of educator and social entrepreneur Tania Christina Monteiro. As an actress and director likes to be inspired by personal hidden stories, mythology and her own family history.

Coming Soon:

New Project "Casa Nova: Echoes of Amilcar Cabral's Legacy"

An exploration of culture as resistance, where tradition and modernity converge, and the spirit of the Tania's family echoes through every frame. As we step into the exhibition "Casa Nova: Echoes of Amilcar Cabral's Legacy," we are not merely visitors; we become participants in a story of heritage, transformation, and the enduring legacy of the visionary leader Amilcar Cabral.

In collaboration with The Black Archives en Mondriaanfonds.


Research Center for Material Culture This event is dedicated to Mami Wata, a water divinity of Vodun, whose practice is spread across western, central and southern Africa, in the diaspora of the Caribbean and in the regions of northern and southern America: water spirits play a prominent role in practices of healing. Tania Christina Monteiro and Ayaovi Kokousse will open with a performance-as-offering to honor Mami Wata. Then, Monteiro will explain her project through an excerpt of a film she is working on. Finally, Monteiro and Kokousse will join Aminata Cairo, Kyrah Malika Daniels, and Annabel Guérédrat in conversation.

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